Winter Driving 101: How To Stay Safe, Not Slippery

15 December 2015

To some people, the best thing about the winter is skiing, sledding, snowball fights and school being closed. While there’s plenty to love about winter, the season change also means driving changes.

With sleet, snow and ice everywhere, winter can make driving a tough time of year, but you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite winter traditions because of the terrible roads. Follow these quick and easy 5 tips to make the focus of the winter all of the fun moments.

  • Slow Down. Sometimes the simplest tips are the most effective. Try reducing your speed by half just to be sure you don’t slow down too much. Your car has to still maintain momentum to avoid getting stuck.
  • Is The Car Correct? Feeling unsafe when bad weather hits is one of the worst feelings possible. That’s why it’s imperative to make sure you have the right vehicle before you travel out into the snow. For example, a vehicle with all-wheel drive as well as an accident avoidance system will help keep you safe no matter where the season takes you.
  • Keep In Touch. When travelling on the roads, it’s a good idea to alert other people of your plans. This keeps people waiting for you in the loop in case something was to happen. Don’t forget to check in periodically to keep the friends and family updated.
  • Know How to Skid. Despite all precautions, you may still slide. Don’t panic. Take your foot off the gas – this helps slow down the car. Don’t slam the brakes, but tap them lightly and frequently – this helps regain traction and safely slow down the car. Finally, lightly turn the wheel in the same direction as you’re swerving to pre vent the car from spinning.
  • Pack A Weather Kit. If you still end up stranded, even after all of these tips, its good to be prepared. Pack a winter package that includes a backup phone battery and charger, blankets, water, protein bars, flashlight, cat litter – for tire traction and a battery-operated radio.

A tough winter doesn’t have to stop you from hanging out with family and friends that require travel. Using good safety habits and packing up the right tools will ensure that you reach your destination safely.

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